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In accordance with IFRS insurer is obliged to disclose information that assist users to understand the scope, timing and uncertainties arising with the movement of funds, in particular with reservation. IFRS 4 does not prescribe any particular method of reservation, but it requires to perform liability adequacy test (LAT).

We offer the following services to the insurance companies:

Non-life insurance

  • Calculation and analysis of reserves: UPR (unearned premiums reserve), IBNR (incurred but not reported), RBNS (reported but not settled), CHE (claims handling expenses).
  • Adequacy of loss reserves test (run-off test)
  • Liability Adequacy Test (LAT) and sensitivity analysis
  • Analysis of companies reserving policy

Life insurance

  • Premium rates calculatioin
  • Development/examination of documents which determine reserving policy, insurance rules, additional investment income distribution policy etc.
  • Liability Adequacy Test (LAT) and sensitivity analysis
  • Surrender values calculation, reduction


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